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Dad Tweets Out Hilarious Conversations He Has With His Daughters And It’s Impossible To Not Laugh

James Breakwell is the definition of “dad goals”.

James Breakwell is the definition of “dad goals”. This guy powers through each day with 4 daughters to manage. The tales this group gets into are funny enough for James to gather quite an impressive twitter following since April 2016.

When you live in a universe where personal stories can go “viral”, the funny things you come across and share with others will end up multiplying into something like 750 thousand followers later!

Breakwell has since established a comedy platform called Exploding Unicorn where he features a collection of hilarious conversations between the brutally frank dad and his eccentric daughters. Don’t worry, he snuck some in with his wife as well!

Even though the stories are fairly short, they offer a perfect snapshot of the family as a collection. We are all busy juggling our lives!

1. You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From This

Funny Dad Tweets

2. 😂

Funny Dad Tweets

3. Woah! Never Thought About It Like That….

Funny Dad Tweets


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