Chris Pratt’s Interpretation Of The Hunting Experience Is Stunning

Who knew this guy from Hollywood was so in love with hunting?

While a good amount of Hollywood might be at odds with the views of heavy-hunting red states, Chris Pratt is here to stand up for hunting and the beauty of the experience.

Back in 2012, he shared this with the blog Outdoor Life:

Hunting is in my blood. My dad and uncles hunted. I didn’t hunt much as a teenager though I longed to. Since I played football and every weekend in the fall consisted of games or practice I was forced to listen to my friend’s hunting stories seething with jealousy.

I became passionate about big game hunting when I moved to Utah to shoot the television series Everwood in 2003. I lived there for four years, had the time and money to really get into it and became absolutely obsessed.

Watch Chris’s adorable wife Anna Ferris attempt to explain her husbands love for hunting. It turns out, Chris loves to serve squirrels he’s hunted as dinner meals and she’s not necessarily thrilled about it.

I wish I could say it only happened once, but it’s happened many times.

She revealed to Jimmy Kimmel.

When asked if she cares for when he serves squirrel she shared:

I don’t, but it’s become a thing. My brother and my husband, uh, harvest squirrel during the holidays and they have to cook it outside on the barbecue because my mom refuses to have, I don’t know, the smell of cooking squirrel in her kitchen. I don’t know why. They season it heavily, because you have to, it’s squirrel. Imagine you’re eating like the tiniest little thigh bones!

She also talked about his love of “harvesting his own meat” to Conan O’Brien:

Click ahead to see what Chris Pratt has to say to defend his love for hunting!


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