Celebs Who’ve Gotten Tattoos Removed Or Covered Up

We all know someone or have heard stories of people getting bad tattoos and needing them removed or covered up… who doesn’t make mistakes? Celebrities have also had their fair share of bad choices… especially when it comes to tattoos!

That permanent ink has graced the skin of many celebrities, but not always in promising circumstances. The number one reason for needing a tattoo removed or covered up? Failed romances!

Don’t get your relationship tattooed on your body, plain and simple. When it comes to something that’s forever, don’t embarrass yourself when it falls apart with permanent ink!

Here’s a gallery of the worst celebrity offenders!

1. Kelly Osbourne Had A Lot Of Tattoos As A Teenager… Then Had Them Removed. Then Was Accused Of Being A Sellout For Removing Them. kelly1__width_580


Written by MJ Trevens

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