By Changing These Three Things In Your Diet, You Can Get a Six Pack Just Like This Guy

Three changes are a small sacrifice!

Carl Parnell has a story that will resonate with most Americans trying to diet. Growing up as a picky eater as early as age seven, his parents got in the habit of allowing him to eat whatever he wanted to avoid him being fussy. Although, he didn’t always make healthy choices.

As he got older, he continued to carry the weight until well after his first daughter was born. She turned out to be the one to offer him the reality of his health condition when she bluntly, as children do, announced to him, “Daddy, you look like you have been pumped up by a bicycle pump.”

“It hit me hard. You can put a brave face on, but it did hurt,” he recalls of the moment that changed his life forever “But I really needed to hear that.”

When you suddenly crave to lose weight fast, your first instinct is to go on an insane and drastic diet change cold turkey… and fail. This is called yo-yo dieting, and Carl is familiarized with that lifestyle all too well after his daughter dropped the bomb of how overweight he had become.

So what did Carl do to make his diet stick?

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Written by MJ Trevens

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