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Baby Joins His Dad Performing On Stage And Totally Steals The Show

Would you ever perform with your baby up on stage? After seeing this you might consider it.

One of the best parts of parenthood is being able to share the gift of music with your children. While kids naturally and inherently all love and take to music, when the parent is a musician, the affinity for music is almost amplified.

One great example is country music singer- songwriter Coffey Anderson who writes his own music and is always open to the impromptu performance. During a special New Years Eve concert, Anderson wasn’t alone up on stage when his 17-month-old son, Ethan,  jumped on stage during one of his concerts to dance his little heart out and even hug on his daddy- while Anderson stayed completely professional and unfazed by the adorable moment.

The adorable energy his son brought to the set made Anderson’s performance all the better. In fact, it’s one of the cutest things you’ll see all day when his baby really starts to cut loose up on stage! The cheers are so loud for the pair, it almost drowns our Anderson’s gorgeous singing voice as he performs an amazing cover of “Brown Eyed Girl”.

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Written by MJ Trevens

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