Are You Ambitious Enough To Make It Through These Insane Challenges?

Are you a daredevil? A risk taker? Are the only games you like labeled “X” and the only sports you participate tagged “extreme?” Are you only happy when the adrenaline is pumping, the endorphins are kicking in, and the threat is real, not manufactured (read: a rollercoaster)? Well, if this describes you, then you’re in luck. The gallery below offers a series of images that, for the average person who puts common sense before Instagram posts, the answer to each query would be a big fat unadulterated “Nope!” For the brave and ambitious like you, however, they should be a piece of cake.

Surely you can handle snakes in soda cans or in golf course holes. How about a spider in your car, your breakfast, or another serpent – albeit over-sized – in your favorite store. Surely you would swim near the edge of a waterfall, or hike along a trail only big enough for your bike wheels to fit. Granted, a table containing a nest (or is it a hive, even without the structure???) of bees would probably not be the best place to have a meal, but who knows. You’re extreme? You can do it.

Would You Swim Here?


Would You Ride Your Bike Here?


Would You Open This Visor To See What’s Inside?


Would You Drink This Can Of Soda?


Would You Sit Face To Face With This Crab?


Would You Sit At This Bee-Ridden Table?


Would You Shop At This Snake Store?


Would You Crawl Along This Ledge?


Would You Reach In Here To Retrieve Your Golf Ball?


Would You Surf With Sharks?


Would You Eat This Banana?


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Just Say “Nope” To This Spider As Well

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Written by MJ Trevens

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