Anyone Under 14 Will Never Understand These Struggles

From waiting a few millennia for a file to download to waiting weeks to find out how that selfie came out on our kodak disposable cameras… they’ll just never understand!

The one thing today’s youth will never understand is the struggles we had as a younger generation to experience just a fraction of what kids can do in a second in today’s world. Have you seen how well little kids can navigate an iPhone these days? It’s incredible!

If you explained to them these struggles we all went through in the 90’s, they probably wouldn’t even believe you. Or they would ask… “What’s a DVD? Or a VHS? What do you MEAN you’d have to wait to get photos you took?”

We know, life was cruel back then! Check out the gallery below to relive all the struggles you had in the 90’s..

1. When You Had To Do So Much Work Just To Watch A Movie


2. Instead Of Instant Netflix You Had To Wait For And Curate Your Entertainment


3. Trying To Operate This Contraption Was More Work Than You Ever Imagined

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Written by MJ Trevens

A hardworking content writer with 3+ years in digital publishing. Contact me for freelance work!