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10 Things You Should Never Ever Do At A Country Music Festival

Never Trust The Port-O-Potty


Of course nature calls, so you have to use them but we all know the port-o-potties will run out of T.P. a couple hours in to the festival, so be the hero of your group and be the one who remembers to pack the bathroom tissue and handi wipes.

Don’t Pass On The Free Grub


This one comes with an asterisk: Don’t accept free food like cookies or brownies from shady individuals because it may not end well. If it’s pre-wrapped like a popsicle or protein bar, go for it! If your friend isn’t going to finish their fries, finish them for him/her. There’s no shame in keeping your body fueled while saving a few bucks. Festival food can get pricey.

Bring This Thing


Nobody even knows what it is or where you got it from, but you don’t come across as cool or innovative.

The final tip is on the last page…