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10 Things You Should Never Ever Do At A Country Music Festival

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen And Water


These two items are overlooked far too often at a music fest and people all over the country pay for it dearly. Don’t ruin your very expensive experience by making it even more expensive with an ER trip for dehydration. If you’re drinking alcohol, drink a bottle of water between cocktails/beers. And let’s face it, being sunburnt to a crisp is the worst.

Don’t Be That Guy/Girl Who Records The Whole Thing


Just don’t. There really isn’t a need to. You’ll just suck the life of your battery by noon, your videos won’t even be that good, and you’re inadvertently block at least someone’s view. On that note, don’t post them all to your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat feeds either. No one wants to see your shaky video with poor sound quality. If everyone you knew online wanted to see the show, they’d be there. For those that couldn’t, they’ll look it up.

Follow The Cutie Around


This goes both for guys and girls, and it usually is a result of the excessive tailgating (remember, moderation!). There are seven billion people in the world and you think you’ve found the best-looking girl/guy alive. Good for you. Now don’t come across as a total creeper by following them around all day/weekend.