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10 Things You Should Never Ever Do At A Country Music Festival

Wear Cowboy Boots


You don’t have to prove to anyone how “country” you are by wearing cowboy boots. In fact, it might have the adverse effect. Unless you are attending a music fest in a horse corral or a farm, there is no need to wear them. Your feet will just end up hurting and sweaty and you’ll spend have the show being miserable.

Push To The Front Of The Line


You’d think adults would already know this, but truth be told, we’re the biggest offenders. Show some respect to the people who put in the time and effort to camp out in advance to be at the front of the stage. And if somehow you do make your way that close, at least have some decency not to stand in front of the girl that’s not even four feet tall.

Tailgate Responsibly


Everybody has that one friend who gets completely obliterated before the opening acts even go on because they took the fiscally responsible angle a little too seriously and decided to drink their weight in alcohol for $30 instead of paying $10 a beer. We get it, it’s cheaper to drink before the show and tailgaiting is always encouraged when it’s done in moderation. If you don’t think you have that friend, you may be that friend. Don’t make your friends miss the show because they’re too busy babysitting you to enjoy it.