Together They’re Better: Keith Urban And Carrie Underwood Electrify The Grammys

Every year, we tune in for the same reason. Yes, we want to see who wins, and the red carpet reveal of who they are wearing and why, but the Grammys are most known for their unusual and often epic performances. This year was no different. Beyonce brought her pregnant A-Game in support of Lemonade, while Lady Gaga teamed up with heavy metal masters Metallica for a stirring collaboration.

Keith Urban Is A Country Icon


So Is Carrie Underwood


But along with Adele and her roof raising appearance, most of the press is praising Keith Urban, who shared the stage with Carrie Underwood for a stunning take on his newest single, “The Fighter.” Having debuted a music video for the track (off his latest LP, Ripchord), the duo delivered the kind of musician and showmanship this annual celebration of the music biz is known for.

Together, They Make Beautiful Music


Both country icons proved their mantle more than once during the performance. They electrified the crowd, and their chemistry was palpable. Set inside a FX laden cube and bringing the audience to the edge of their seats time and time again, it’s clear that, among the many highlights the evening had to offer, this was one of the – if not the – best.

Their Collaboration on “The Fighter” Is Unforgettable


So Was Their Grammy Performance


You Have To See This Performance For Yourself – Continue On To See A Clip